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What is a gap year?

Taking a gap year means taking a year off between finishing high school and starting further study or training. If you are not sure what you want to do after finishing Year 12, a gap year can give you time to consider your options. You can take a gap year whether or not you have […]

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The MBA Business Qualifications

When enrolling in the Australian Institute of Business MBA program, many students do not realize that the degree actually comprises two post-graduate qualifications, in addition to the MBA. These qualifications are represented as stages of the MBA but are milestones in their own right. They are the Graduate Certificate in Management, the Graduate Diploma in […]

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Proofreading Tips for MS Word

If you are not already using MS Word’s many settings designed to ensure accurate proofreading, you are doing yourself a disservice. After spending countless hours writing, you want to ensure you are presenting your work as professionally as possible. In this article, we explain how to get the most out of MS Word when proofreading […]

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