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What Are the Advantages of Attending a Public University?

Public universities often have a vast student population. Acquire an ogle at The Ohio State University. This public school has 60,000 students enrolled at any one time. This means that this type of university has more degree program choices, more (and better) athletic teams, more student events and activities. Thankfully, a bigger campus does not […]

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The Reputation of Your College and its Importance

Not all colleges are created equal and, honest as with people, every college earns a reputation, whether gracious, poor, or somewhere in between. Now believe that once you get a degree from a college, its reputation will be associated with you for the rest of your life. Every employer will stare the name of the […]

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Education: The Overriding Factor between Rich and Poor

Most of us like to think that anyone can succeed or fail monetarily depending on how much effort they put forth towards making themselves do well. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Statistics have shown that the amount of formal education that a person has impacts the amount of wealth that they are likely […]

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The Need to have and Importance of Environmental Education

The next horizon for improvement is secondary school. In what follows, we will look at the needs and entitlements of children entering secondary school who have identified special education needs and those who are entering and later discovered to have a special education need. My child has been receiving extra help in primary school. What […]

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The Pell Grant: What It Is and Why It’s Great

While we have spent the past few blogs exploring the world of federal loans awarded through the FAFSA, it is important to also spend some time on other monies available to students via the FAFSA; monies that do not have to be repaid upon graduation. These typically fall into two categories: work-study and grants. This […]

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7 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Study Abroad

Find a doctor and ask him to tell you about medical school. Find a marine and ask her to tell you about boot camp. Find somebody who has done anything of some significance and see how complete a picture you get. Human beings have immense difficulty consolidating dramatic experiences. For something at least physically non-painful […]

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