Argumentative Essay Samples

The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Make any Difference and Miracles

Dr. Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief” says that “each content structure inside the universe, which include you and me, radiates a special electricity signature”. He has proposed techniques for healing and has created the complicated matter of organic organisms a lot much easier. Epigenetics could be the review of heritable modifications in gene […]

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The Pros and Cons of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is probably the best known information resource on the internet. It is a modern day encyclopedia that seems to have a little information about everything you may need to know, and it is completely free to use. In spite of all this though, there are some downsides to using Wikipedia that you need to […]

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Is Family Security in Danger in Texas Today? Theft Continues Among Undocumented Immigrants

Today, the influences of Mexico and its people continue to cost the State of Texas dearly. Two costly issues are drug trafficking and illegal immigration. In order to understand our need to protect our families and ensure family security, parents must inform themselves about today’s dangers from Mexico related activities. Drug Wars Former Mexican President, […]

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Stealing the Football Coach’s Spotlight and Refocusing it on Physical Education

In most American school systems coaches are also physical education teachers, and physical education teachers are also coaches. Historically speaking most physical educators don’t choose to go into the field because of their love for gym class, but because of their love for football, basketball, baseball… sports of some kind. And for a high percentage […]

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Using Wikipedia as a source

Wikipedia can provide users worldwide millions of articles on a wide spectrum of topics. Important question: “Is it OK to cite Wikipedia?” And it is the first line in the search engines for multiple requests. How can you not resist the temptation and not to use this most complete and affordable online encyclopedia for arguing […]

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Argument essay: Gay marriage

People with different sexual orientation in our society in General are pretty cool. One in six (15%) considers them to be ordinary men and women, but do not want to communicate with them personally. Others call homosexuality a disease: a medical nature (20%) or social (15%). Another 20 percent perceive them as extremely dangerous and […]

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