10 points ! How to start off an essay?

10 points ! How to start off an essay?
how to start off an introduction on the topic of “why we shouldnt have a four day school week” pls&thank you:)

any good essay starts with a good introduction, so you have to make sure your intro is great!
in your introduction, you should include a hook, which will be your very first sentence. then you can add in your thesis statement, which is a sentence that basically summarizes what the whole essay is going to be about/ what the reader should expect from the essay.
i am not trying to be mean, but starting an essay with “my opinion is…” or “i think that..” is not a very good idea because, like my last year english teacher told us so many times, “they already know it is your opinion/what you think, because you are the one writing it!” 🙂