1650-1763 Transatlantic trade and labor systems in the American colonies?

1650-1763 Transatlantic trade and labor systems in the American colonies?
Evaluate the extent to which trans-Atlantic interactions from 1600 to 1763 contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostering change in labor systems in the British North American colonies.

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Triangular Trade was a system in which slaves, crops, and manufactures were traded between Africa, the Caribbean, and the American colonies. Key Points The First Atlantic system refers to the 16th-century period in which Portuguese merchants dominated the West African slave trade—supplying Spanish and Portuguese New World Colonies with imported African labor. The Second Atlantic System characterizes the 17th and 18th centuries, when British, Dutch, and French merchants replaced the Portuguese as the major slave traders in the Atlantic. African communities enslaved members of neighboring or enemy ethnic groups. They then sold these slaves to European traders. Enslaved Africans were imported from Africa to the American colonies as the labor force needed to produce cash crops, which were exported to Europe to exchange for manufactured goods. European goods were then used to trade with Africans for slaves and exported to the American colonies, where the cycle of the trade started again. Terms Second Atlantic System The Second Atlantic system was the trade of enslaved Africans by mostly British, Portuguese, French and Dutch traders. The main destinations of this phase were the Caribbean colonies and Brazil, as European nations built up economically slave-dependent colonies in the New World. First Atlantic System The Atlantic slave trade or trans-atlantic slave trade took place across the Atlantic ocean from the 16th through to the 19th centuries. Atlantic Triangular Trade The best-known triangular trading system is the transatlantic slave trade, that operated from the late 16th to early 19th centuries, carrying slaves, cash crops, and manufactured goods between West Africa, Caribbean or American colonies and the European colonial powers, with the northern colonies of British North America, especially New England, sometimes taking over the role of Europe.