2 – Find relevant information

2 – Find relevant information
There are many, many sources of facts available on the web… but most of it is not very useful. It only provides a limited and secondary information, and it will not necessarily answer your own questions.
As a blogger, you want useful information, that’s the idea. The only way to reach those people is to find out what they are asking.
You can use Google, Wikipedia or another relevant resource. However, most of the answers come from books, or courses.
Some websites such as BuzzSumo will tell you how popular an article is, and if it is even worth writing about.
3 – Write as if you are not familiar with your subject
There is a lot of information available on the web about any subject. But a lot of it is not that interesting. But, this means its very hard to research those topics, and not to write about them.
A good blogger knows that they don’t know their topic, and that they need to write in a way that readers will find it interesting. If they have no clue about a topic, then they should write in a way that it would be interesting to find out what they don’t know.
4 – Try to come up with a unique topic
It’s not the topic that is crucial, but the idea behind it. If the subject sounds like something that you’ve heard before, or something that you would already come across in another course, then you want to keep it simple.
What is your topic? Why is it important to you? Think of a topic that makes a lot of sense for you and that you would genuinely like to learn about.
If you are using Wikipedia to research, it’s good to understand the structure and structure of a topic, so that you can understand what is possible and in what order to write your article (as opposed to simply searching for a topic and simply starting to write).
5 – Use your imagination, and make a compelling
Writing like a blogger is really interesting.
I think it’s important to have a story behind your article, without which you’re just not going to have it to stand out.
There is no rule how many ideas you can have in one article, but I would suggest to keep it under 15, so that it becomes a very tight story, and the information in it is meaningful to your audience.
6 – Choose topics that are related to the one that you need to write about
As a new blogger, you have the chance to write about new topics of your own choosing. For some topics, you will really like the idea, and can come up with a killer argument for why you should write about it.
If you come up with an argument that you really believe will fit your topic and your audience, then you have a chance… if it has value to your readers.
So, make sure that if you write about a new topic, that it’s really related to what you are writing about.
Also, keep in mind the readership of your blog. If you write about something that is popular, but