2009 AP Language and Composition Essay Questions?

2009 AP Language and Composition Essay Questions?
I took the AP exam last week, and for the synthesis essay were we supposed to choose a side with space exploration or just talk about the major issues in dealing with space exploration? I was confused because after wards people were saying contrary to what I thought. Also, how do you think the test went?

As it was a Synthesis essay, you were definitely supposed to take a side.

Basically, since the question asked what issues should be considered regarding space exploration, you should explain what you think the major issues are and support them with relevant documents and outside information. By supporting them, you are actually taking a side, so to answer your question, you needed to do both.

The MC was actually incredibly easy in my opinion. I’ve taken several practice exams and none were as simple and straightforward as this one was. It also didn’t include any of the “Roman Numeral” questions.

As for the essay prompts, I particularly liked the synthesis and argument prompts. The Rhetorical Analysis was a bit harder than I was used to, but still manageable.