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English Essay Plan

International English exams are becoming more and more popular with local students. The most common are the TOEFL and IELTS exams, aimed at assessing the level of preparation and knowledge of the language. The obtained certificate opens up many opportunities for you – a successful career, studying in most secondary and higher education institutions in […]

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Theoretical part of the dissertation

This part of the thesis is one of the most important. It is the leader who checks it in order to understand how the student has mastered the skills of searching for information, its processing and composition. This part will serve as the basis for the research described in the practical part of the dissertation. […]

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The relevance of the thesis

The relevance of the thesis topic is the first thing that the graduation attestation commission pays attention to. In fact, in this part you should explain why you chose this or that topic, and also why the study of this topic is important and relevant. Students and students consistently face the problem of how to […]

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Coursework defense

When it comes to course protection, there is always the fear that you will not be able to do it successfully. After all, it’s a shame to get a bad grade, especially when I wrote the work myself. You can, of course, buy a course paper from us, and even a speech to defend the […]

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The choice of the coursework topic

All students sooner or later sit at the course. It’s unavoidable. As always, the most difficult thing is to start, i.e. choose a topic. Often the department provides a large list of topics. Then the selection process is greatly simplified. But it also happens that you have to break your head over the unfortunate topics. […]

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How to arrange a title page of a research paper

Each research paper begins with a title page. This is the first page, the face of your work. Therefore, you need to issue it carefully and correctly. Many students, especially in the first year, have difficulties. Of course, each educational institution can slightly change the rules for registering a title page, but we will take […]

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