3 grade project?

3 grade project?
give me a good idea of a 3rd grade project please its due tomorrow!!!!!ASAP

Well, you don’t give much detail. Is it a science project? Language Arts? Social Studies?

When I was in 3rd grade, here are some projects I completed at school:

1. Self-autobiography (complete with a coat-of-arms, an interview with a grandparent, a family tree, a biographical essay about one of my heroes, a colored-flag of my initials in morse code and illustrations of myself and my house).

2. A fictional story, complete with illustrations

3. A filmstrip (but I doubt people still use filmstrips these days). For this project, we were each given strips of clear film and told to come up with a short story and storyboard it on paper first. Then we drew them on the film with permanent markers. We then had to write a script and choose classmates to read the parts. We also had to have background music and simple sound effects.

4. A radio play, involving a story told via tape recorder. Similar to the filmstrip, but it is told only through audio rather than with a visual element. Nobody uses tapes these days, so maybe you can use MP3s or podcasts, etc.

5. There was also the science fair. Plenty of ideas there. My project was “What carpet spot remover is the best?”

6. A class yearbook. Everyone’s picture was taken. Then we put them together in a book and passed them around and people signed each other’s pages and wrote little notes.

7. A diorama. Choose a scene from a book and “build” it inside of a shoebox, using common household items and toys. For example, tinfoil can be used to represent water. Or the figures inside the diorama can be drawn on card stock paper.

Yeah, I went to 3rd grade back in the stone age. Here are some modern projects:

1. Blog. Have the kids keep a blog about a topic of their choice. This is good for building writing skills.

2. Build a class website on a topic and have each kid be responsible for a page.

3. Read books and write reviews on them.