500 word essay on standing in a line!?

500 word essay on standing in a line!?
Okay, So going into english class was a bit harsh on Friday. My class was pretty naughty while waiting for the teacher to let us in the room. She is making us write 500 words how to stand in a line. I need some ideas to add to it more. Like what would be interesting to put in it.
I’m not asking you to write the whole 500 words but just details to put in it to make it longer.
If you are going to answer my question don’t be rude please its just not right. If you do answer rudely then you’re just a mean person

Standing in line is an art. It takes a lot of training to stand in a line properly. Drill sergeants spend a lot of energy training army recruits how to do this. Also drum majors are confronted with the challenge of lining up people with a variety of musical instruments. In these cases, one session is not enough. The sergeants and drum majors must work on this problem all the time because people come and go. New recruits show up regularly and so do new band members. Training them to stand in straight lines is an every day thing. It sounds as if school teachers have the same problem. Kids standing in line are just beginners at the art of standing in line and what they learn in school about how to do this properly will make them look good in adult life when things get serious. They will already have memorised the no pushing and talking bit. The sergeant and drum majors in their future will appreciate that and give silent thanks to whoever taught them to line up so well, in this case their old elementary school teachers.