6 page essay about heros?

6 page essay about heros?
i have to write a 6 page essay about what the term hero means to me and what a hero is?
it is due monday.

why must we write about pointless crap in college? could anyone help me out.
much thanks

Take paragraphs / sentences from the following links and mix them together until you have six pages’ worth of information. Remember to change the wording around, in order to avoid plagiarism. For example, if it says, “Anybody can be a hero”, you can change that to, “If you think all heroes are big and strong, think again. The fact is, a hero can be anybody at all.” If it says, “To me, my parents are heroes”, you can change it to, “I have always looked up to my parents because of their wisdom, and because they are honest and work hard. To me, they are real heroes.”………