8th grade SAT scores.. what will I be able to get in 12th grade? D:?

8th grade SAT scores.. what will I be able to get in 12th grade? D:?
I took the SATs on June 4th and I got (T__T don’t judge me please):

Critical Reading 500 50%
Math 570 66%
Writing 690 95%
Multiple Choice 69 (score range: 20-80)
Essay 9 (score range: 2-12)

Overall 1760 T__T

My parents are really scary, so they want a 2200 by 12th grade..

Over the summers (this year’s, 9th, 10th, and 11th) I’m gonna be doing math prep (T__T), and I’m wondering how to improve my Critical Reading (I bombed that.. I always think I know the answer but it turns out to be a trick question D:).

I know the basic stuff like, guess only when you can eliminate 2, etc. T__T

I know also that this is kind of hard to estimate.. but what do you think I could get in 12th grade? ;__;

dont be upset! your scores in 8th grade are going to be muchh lower than what they will be in 12th. so its kinda hard to predict. like, when i took the SAT in 8th grade, my math was a 530, reading was a 530, and writing was a 510 with a 7 on the essay. thats only a 1570, which is much worse than yours! but now im a rising senior (just finished 11th grade, going into 12th next year) and i got back my june test scores today. my math was a 780, reading was a 710, and writing was a 730, adding up to a 2220! so if i could do that, you definetlyy can too. i didnt even do major prep like your saying. i just took a class during 11th grade, that was pretty much it. so dont stress out about your scores now. i know a ton of 11th graders who did worse than you! youll definetly be able to improve.
as for tips on critical reading..i dont know what to tell you. thats always my weakest section, and for me, breaking 700 was a miracle. i guess i just had some good guesses. the only real tip i have is that if you can eliminate anything, even one answer choice, then guess. i think thats what helped me out this time.