A Couple College Questions?

A Couple College Questions?
it’s fall. i’m a senior in highschool who needs to start looking into these things–fast! here are some of the questions i have:

-what’s the difference in undergraduate and graduate?
-how do you know what a college is looking for grade-wise?
-how do you know what to include in your college essay?
-do you need a resume? if it’s not required, is it a good idea to put on in anyway?
-any other advice? i’m just starting the search (thank god for and i really need some tips on this stuff…

thank you!

Sounds like you need to talk to your counselor. They can answer all these questions for you. Many of the answers vary by what types of classes you’ve taken and what you want to do with your life.

Undergraduate are students who have a high school diploma and are working towards a BS or BA. Graduate are students who have a BA or BS and are working for a Masters or a PhD.

Each application is different. Go online to some of you favorite colleges and download the application. Some you can even fill out online. Follow the directions for each one.

My biggest piece of advice is not to forget to fill out the FAFSA – student aid application, and start working on scholarship applications now. There are a lot of oddball places that give out $$$.

Do the research and talk to your school guidance or career counselor.