A few opinions or brain storms to help start me on this social essay please. The main concept is nationalism:)?

A few opinions or brain storms to help start me on this social essay please. The main concept is nationalism:)?
I might be writing on any of the following topics-ideas for each would be helpful Thanks 🙂

1) How should international organizations respond to acts of ultra nationalism?
2) Should we permit sovereign nations to pursue their national interest as long as it does not impact other sovereign nations?

Nationalism is obviously the major problem that international organisations such as the EU face. As far as Im concerned the main benefit of organisations such as the EU is to enable sharing of money/resources across a wider population, a step away from the hoarding of wealth in certain areas of the globe that we have had for so long. Of course the problem is that countries wont be allowed into the EU unless they have a fair level of wealth, but still poorer and poorer countries are being allowed access and this is helping in spreading out the wealth.

Unfortunaly Nationalists fear a loss of national identity, and nationalists from wealthier countries don’t like the idea that their country might lose out in terms of money and might be reduced to a similar monetary level as some of the less wealthy countries.

An oddity seems to me to be the way countries will fight so hard for their national identity, but once they have it they may well be willing to join the international organisation and in some ways reduce their identity.

eg Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo were all countries that formed part of Yugoslavia, they fought for many years, and one by one achieved independence and their own identity. Not long after this they all want to be part of the EU and take a step towards what one day might (hopefully in my opinion) be a single European nation – and maybe even in the very distant future a single global nation (we can dream).

In answer to question one I think my opinion would depend on the ‘acts’. If the acts are criminal then they are criminal and therefore have to be dealt with as such (although of course the organisation may have the power to decide what is and isnt criminal). If the ‘acts’ are merely nationalist speech then I’m afraid we live in a world of free speech and democracy and so, of course, we can and should do nothing. Democracy may have many flaws but in my opinion and I think the opinion of most it is the best method we know of. I believe the way around the problem is education. We have to try our best to reach the whole population through schooling and the media, expose them to as many points of view as possible and have faith in their judgement. I think education on ALL points of view is the only way to fight Nationalist movement leaders who have the power to indoctrinate their followers.

In response to Q2, again, I believe democracy is the best way we know so it’s down to the opinion of the people, if they want to specifically promote national interests they must be allowed. All we can do is strive to reach the people with unbiased (of course it is hard to find something that all people agree is unbiased, but that must be the aim) education that is as factual as possible and describes as many different opinions as possible, and again, have faith in the intelligence and altruistic nature of humanity.

Hmmm I only intended to spend a few minutes on answering this – got a bit taken away – hope it helped.