A movie that would be good to…?

A movie that would be good to…?
…analyze in terms of symbolism, characters, storytelling style, etc. I need a REALLY good movie to analyze and evalutate into an essay. (By the way, for English AP summer homework :D)

For the essay, I have to discuss how the film maker tells the story and discuss how effective these devices were in telling in the story, reffering to “How to Read Literature like a Proffesor.”

A movie I had in mind would be “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Something like that. Thanks so much for the help! 😀

It may not be an Oscar worthy film, and your professor may roll his eyes at the very mention, but The Dark Knight had a lot of symbolism and substance to it. The concept of good vs. evil, the struggle with sanity, the struggle with keeping your values or crossing the line, the idea of good needing evil and evil needing good (like Joker not having fun without Batman and Batman being useless without people like Joker). There is a lot to write about as long as you look past the “comic book movie” thing and get to the heart of the movie.