A newsroom is basically nothing but stories.

A newsroom is basically nothing but stories.
This blog post provides an introduction to the process of building a journalism career in an extracurricular setting through a step by step approach. There are many ways to get started making a dream a reality, but the one I’m most excited about is the way I used this online writing course to successfully launch my professional career into the professional industry.
My first step is to have a plan to tackle, or aim at accomplishing, a task before going on to the next step. If I am writing a student’s paper then I’m going to need their names. Without this there is no way I can have them write my paper without someone knowing their names. So I need their names.
To make a plan go through the below steps. Each step has an associated checklist. Don’t skip a step!
1. Decide what task would you like to do
Do you want to write an assignment, a study guide, a research paper, maybe you’d just like a little time to read? That is the only consideration in choosing what task you would like to start with.
2. Research the task or task category you are going to tackle
Before you start thinking about anything else ask a few questions. Do I have the time? Do I have the skills? If I don’t have the skills who would I potentially work for? Do I have the skills to do the task? Then you could start off by researching the tasks needed to write it, and the ones you can do. If I needed to use an English language I could research to translate the article.
3. Select the topics you would like to write about and the best time to do it
Some people say it starts with the story that you create before you even start, others say it starts with the day you decided you would do it. So, decide what is most important first. In my case its the day I decided so that my student paper would be done first. I would have a very clear outline of the story. So, the time I would take to write the story. Then I could start working out the details.
4. Plan your writing period
I like to write twice a day for about an hour (but you can use anything you find convenient. If its a long day where you have to write in the afternoon you could try a shorter time than the usual. If your only time is in the morning you could try a longer time period like morning to evening. Whatever works for you.)
5. Research how to write a paper
There are lots of resources I think, but it can all start with the basics which I listed above. If you are a very newbie in writing you may need some guidance, just take some time to read tutorials and tutorials on writing and editing. If you’ve read all the tutorial you can then look for other tutorials which cover what you are doing. If you use them to find what you need then all you needed to do was check the boxes I mentioned at the top.
6. Determine the writing format you are going to use
For my topic I want to use word processing. I know how to edit an article by now however for my student paper its going to be a bit more difficult. So I do not really need to be a great editor, it will be a great