A totally unique idea for a college personal statement?

A totally unique idea for a college personal statement?
I wanna make the point that I’m “edgy” and unique, so I decided that instead of following the rules that are on the application for the personal statement, I’m gonna do something totally different that no one ever did before. Here is my first draft:


I dont really identify with these words. I chose them because they get longer and longer as you go down, and form a triangle which I think is pretty cool. I’m applying for a science program, so I think this will make the application totally different from all the rest, cause everything else on my application is really bad. I’m resting everything in this idea, and already sent it out to like 5 schools.

the thing that makes something like a personal statement or essay when applying to college is that it gives the school an insight into who you are as a person. you have to remember they are receiving thousands of applications so you need to stand out. although what you have here is definitely different and stands out, it doesn’t really give them an insight into who you are. these are just words that can be said about anybody. i could turn in the same thing and they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two of us. you need to show them you are unique, not just a laundry list of words you think they want to hear.

my advice: talk about a struggle you have had in your life and how you overcame it or are still struggling with it. then relate that to how that has shaped you as a person. colleges and places of higher education want people who have something to offer and can add something to the college community as well as to make their school look good. sometimes your uniqueness and different perspective of the world proves to be more important than your grades or SAT scores. just remember school isn’t just a place to earn grades, its a place were intelligent people come together to share experiences, ideas, and views. grades don’t give you that. people do.