Act Question, please help me out! :)?

Act Question, please help me out! :)?
What was your question for the ACT writing prompt??
and any other helpful tips you have about taking the ACT.
Thank you 🙂

The last one (Feb. 12th) was whether school rules could be applied out side of schools (limits on profanity, dress code, etc.) and it was slightly difficult to answer. The ACT has a history of putting stupid prompts so be prepared to write crap. I heard that another time the prompt was whether caffeinated drinks should be made illegal or something like that. The essay’s not that hard though (I got a 10/12) so you should do fine. The number one thing you need to do is manage your time. Take practice tests so you know how much time you’ll have. You never know quickly the end will come. Particularly in science. Science was my lowest score because I didn’t get to finish!! (Got a 28) Most people, though, have trouble finishing reading. So, if you’re slow at reading OR science, that’s fine, but if you’re slow at both, you definitely need to work on your speed.