A(dvanced) Levels vs. SAT Exams?

A(dvanced) Levels vs. SAT Exams?
I know a guy who completed his A Levels with medium grades and then went on his SATs and qualified for the NJ Uni.

Obviously the SATs and the A Levels have differences given that they develop in entirely differrent continents, on seperately evolved educational systems and on varying economic systems (the USA is more free market, their labour requirments are obviously not the same as the ones of a socialist government influenced European economy).

Now my question is: what exactly is the difference between the American SATs and the British A Levels? For example in terms of:

Magnitutde of recognisability: I heard that some American Unis accept A Levels while British Unis don’t accept A Levels
Curriculum content: Is any more practical or theoritical than the other? Are the topics just general or are there specialised topics available.
Ranking system:
Percentage of knowledge vs. evaluation of knowledge: Some exams are of the type of state the date, the belligerents and the outcoume, while of the others (such as the A Level humanities specially) go on and ask you to evaluate rather than just describe. What’s the difference between the two on this one?

-and anything else you might think differs.


Basic answer is that they test completely different things.

A Levels is a speciaized program based on very specific areas, SATs are Standardized tests.

i would imagine all british uni’s accept A-Levels, considering its a british based program? im confused.. i would argue that most american universities require SATs, and not a-levels. depending on what you will do they might as well accept them, if you’re going into a very definitive degree…

A Levels are full on curriculums, and since its separated into 2 exams (AS and A1), with specific questions it will cover specific subjects, and not others. you ned to prepare for anything and everything. The SATs will test everything, but generally not as in depth (I guess it also depends what SATs you will take.. if its just te general ones or subject specific ones…)

SAT exams are tricky, and there are courses teaching you just how to answer them. (if youre in doubt out of two pick one, dont answer if you dont know, yada yada yada. VERY objective) A-Ls are very subejctive, and on many subjects youll b ask long answers to questions. Indeed, especially in Humanities, youll usually get like a few quesitions (around 3 or 4, sometimes more sometimes less) and be asked to write an essay for each, on the scope of 2.5 +/- hours.

I think a levels are easier AND better really then SATs, but thats because im not one of these good test takers.

the REAL question is whether you should take A Levels or IB (International Bachallaureate), since SAT are just standardized tests and not methods of teaching. IBs are much harder and test much more.. the diploma is also worth much more since pretty much all universities accept it.

good luck..