Advice/Tips on how to write a good essay?

Advice/Tips on how to write a good essay?
Essays aren’t really my expertise but i have to write an essay so that a class will accept me and ultimately this class will lead me in to a specific college, so it matters. The topic of the essay is pretty much why am i applying for this class, what knowledge do i hope to gain, my career interest, and what do i plan to do after this class? (doctor class) And i have no idea where to start really, so i’m not asking you to write the essay but i need help,advice,tips anything really haha

You need to plan what major points you want to make, and then write one paragraph on each major point. Be sure before you start that each of your points supports your main idea – which is “Why I’m applying for this class”.

For example: Why I am applying for this class
* to meet interesting people
* to study under a reputable professor
* to learn x
* to master y
* to excell in z
* to prepare for my future work in abc.

etc. Then, think of each paragraph as a ‘mini essay’ where you address that topic in 5-8 sentences. Try to use specific examples and details in each paragraph. These paragraphs will become the body of your essay.

Once you’ve written the body, add some appropriate transition (Additionally… Furthermore…. In addition to…. For example…. For instance… In conclusion…. etc.) These types of phrases make your writing sound more professional.

Then, you need to think of an attention-getting introduction and conclusion. Some possible techniques for writing an intro include: describe what your life will be like as a result of this class / ask the reader a question / begin with a quote from literature, common knowledge, or an expert in your field. If you want to, you can mention the points you will discuss in the body of your essay.

In your conclusion paragraph, re-cap the points you mentioned in the body of your essay. Then, if you can, tie your conclusion back to your intro. Remind your reader of the quote, story, or question you used as an attention gettter and then conclude with a satisfying observation about how the body of the essay answers the question or ties the opening anecdote to your own life.

When you finish the essay, have a friend proofread it for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Sometimes it also helps to read the essay aloud because you find errors you would not otherwise catch. For this particular audience, you want your grammar and spelling to be perfect.

You can do it – planning before you write is the key!