American West GCSE homework help!?

American West GCSE homework help!?
in history, we are studying the American West. I have to write an essay on why the open range ended. The thing is, because i have been really ill recently i have missed quite a few lessons, and have no idea what to write! please help! any suggestions will do.
thank you!

Dear Mrs ***** i tried to write my essay however my dear friend Bruce wouldn’t lend me her sources booklet about nazi Germany due to this factor i found it hard to write.Recently i have been in no fit state to write and feel in the past u have been extremely unsupportive its really rather rude.However in exchange for not writing my essay i shall give u this : A ladle made out of tin foil now personally i feel your getting the better end of the deal!.
Yours sincerely Sheila

p.s. sorry! 🙂 love u