an essay on Who am I??? need some advice?

an essay on Who am I??? need some advice?
i have a 5 paragraph essay due 2/7/11.. It is on Who am I? i need some help on how to start it.. and generally what should be in it? im in my 20’s and have lived alot and there is just to much to sum up to 5 paragraphs.. i kno that noone knows my life i just need a few pointers.. please and thank you so much.

Who am I?

I am Rebecca Rae Phillips, but thats just my name.. Im a person, in a body, but thats just my physical. I am a cry baby at times, but thats just my emotion. I skate, so im a skater. I sing, so I am a singer. I blog, so I am a blogger. But those are all just stereo types. Im a daughter, to a daughter and a mother. But thats just my family. Im a friend to many, but thats just my social life. Who am I really?

–this is how Id start mine off If I had to do this. Continue it with who you are. inside. your passions, your life goals, and the things that scare you most..