An narrative essay for English…?

An narrative essay for English…?
I have to write a narrative essay on a dramatic event in my life?

Any ideas on how i can start?

Also I’m having trouble starting since i don’t have an event that change my life significantly, any ideas i can make up?

Well first you have to know what event you’re going to write about before you can figure out how to start the paper. Something that happened as a child? A teen? Don’t know how old you are, college? Everyone has something. I remember when I was 10 years old, having a horrible experience w/ the dentist and a filling and since then, I have feared the dentist. That would count as an event that changed my life.

If I were to write about the dentist thing I would turn the essay into a 1st hand account, write it as if was happening to me right now. For example:

“As I followed the dentist to the small cubicle at the back of the room, reserved for me each time I visisted, I began to get a very nervous feeling. For no particular reason, I felt a sense of dread.”

I’d also use dialogue b/c that makes it interesting:
“Sit here,” the man in the white lab coat said to me, extending his hand toward the blue chair. It resembled an electric chair to me, the kind I had seen in movies. There were arm rests for my wrist to be stapped in and a fitted head rest so my head had limited movements. I looked around wearily, waiting for him to pull out the harnesses that would strap me down to the chair with no hope for escape. It never happened.

You see? It gets you interested, it describes, it’s setting a suspenseful setting so the reader knows how dramatic of an event it really was for you.