Analyzing your speaking audience, how do you do the following?

Analyzing your speaking audience, how do you do the following?
What kinds of things should you consider when analyzing a speaking situation or environment? (i.e. how do you analyze your speaking situation?)

What do you want to know about your audience? How could you get information about your audience prior to your speaking engagement? (i.e. how do you analyze your audience?)

This sounds like a academic essay question, but anyway, my thoughts are as follows: You need to know who your audience are, and what their level of expertise on the subject is – are they business people? Students? Are you being brought in as a technical expert on the subject, or are you there to give an introduction or overview of the topic, to an audience of relative beginners on the subject? You also need to know how long you have, to speak – is it a brief 10 min overview, or is it a long in-depth presentation of say 1 hour?
You can find out who your audience is by asking the person who booked you as a speaker! Is it students? Business people? If it is other peers, who are also industry experts, then know your stuff, and be prepared for tricky questions from the audience, so that you are not publicly embarrassed by having to say that you do not know the answer. Hope this helps.