Any good ways of starting an essay?

Any good ways of starting an essay?
I need to write an essay about video game aggression and how it effects players pls help

Much has been paid attention to of the idea that violence in the media, and especially in video games, leads to aggressive behavior. I would like to propose that it can also be a tool to teach a young person about aggression and violence in a way that leads to a decreased risk of violence in that person. This can be achieved in many ways. First, the games the child plays can be previewed by an adult for it’s content, and then the adult can take the time to discuss, with the child, what exactly is going on. The adult can join in on the game and and monitor the child’s reaction to the violence. The games can be used as an incentive for the child to reduce their aggressive behavior in real life. The more violent games can be used as a reward after the child has demonstrated maturity and restraint. Use of the games can jumpstart conversations about the different kinds of abuse and how society views, punishes, and controls aggressive actions.

I really did this with my son, who loved video games. He had a temper!!! So we had long talks about things like (when he was 10 and up) wife beating, testosterone and how it could make a male hit harder than he meant to, etc.. He is a terrific young man now IMHO.