Any ideas on how to write a essay?

Any ideas on how to write a essay?
I have to write a essay/composition that begins with the sentences “She was devastated..” and seriously I have no ideas on what to write. Help!

Write it as a narrative. Before you begin, create the character (the “She” of your essay) in your mind. Describe where she lives, how she thinks. What’s her problem? What does she need in life? Give her a name and a city to live in. You can even model her after yourself.

Then think about what she could be “devastated” about. Did you character get some bad news? Does she have a make an important decision about her life?

“She was devastated. Five doctors had told her the same thing: Her child would not make it through the night. Crying, she thought back to yesterday evening when it all happened–how she wished she could turn back the clock, make it all go away! That night, she remembered, she was driving down the street…”