any ideas on how to write a good experience essay?

any ideas on how to write a good experience essay?
Any ideas on how to write a short good experience essay?

When you say “experience” what do you mean? If you’re writing about an experience you’ve had, it’s a personal narrative not an essay. Essays are factual and are persuasive, hence the name persuasive essay. Expositories are also give information, but I don’t consider them essays. My teachers even just call expositories. Without the ‘essay’ at the end.

Anyway, here are some tips for writing a good personal narrative on an experience you’ve had or as you call an “experience essay”.
~Write in 1st person
~Give vivid descriptions so the reader can visualize what you’re talking about.
~Set the scene well. (If the character is at a restaurant, describe tasted. If they’re in a Morrocan restaurant, describe the taste of the food & the smell of the aroms of spices).
~Use dialogue.
~Make the experience seem important & memorable in some way. Nobody wants to read about some boring trip to the grocery store where you and your mom fought over whether you should get chocolate chips and you won. That’s boring, insignificant and not memorable.
~Write about a truly special, significant & memorable experience.