Any tips on how to think of good reason for a persuasive essay?

Any tips on how to think of good reason for a persuasive essay?
I think too deeply (Meaning that I think of reason related to the topic but it have to many connection to it , AKA indirect reason is what my teacher say.
So anyone have any tips on direct reasons?
Thank you in advance.

Planning is essential with essays. You can’t just write an essay off the top of your head and hope for the best.

Get a sheet of paper and a pen.

At the top of the sheet write, in one single sentence, a summary of your argument. For example, “Street racing is a dangerous sport because it puts people’s lives at risk.” This is your thesis statement.

Underneath that, write all the points you can think of to back up your statement. Each point should only be one sentence or phrase.

What you have in front of you will be the back bone of your essay. You have:
1) your argument (your thesis statement)
2) the reasons (the points you listed)

You will state both your thesis statement and the reasons in the introductory paragraph. Then, each paragraph of the body, will talk about each of the individual reasons you brainstormed.

Within each paragraph in the body, you make a statement, expand on the statement, follow with an example and then make a linking sentence to the next paragraph.

Finish with a conclusion.