Any tips or a guide on how to write an essay?

Any tips or a guide on how to write an essay?
For Monday (10/01/2011) i have to hand in an essay about why Macbeth is a tragic hero in the play, does anyone have any tips on what i should write, how to write an essay, or anything to do with why Macbeth is a tragic hero? Any help is greatly appreciated


How To Write An Essay
Writing an essay may seem like a huge obstacle to overcome, but with a plan of attack and a little organization, it can be easily completed. All it takes is seven easy steps.
The first step in your writing process is to just sit and think. If your essay is on an assigned topic, sit and think about what approach you will have to the subject, if it’s possible to take a position on it. If you are allowed to decide on the topic, you can take it in any direction and decide on a purpose. This purpose can be to tell someone how to do something, present information you have collected on your favorite subject, or even entertain the audience who will be reading it. Once who have brainstormed some ideas, examine each one and decide which one you will be able to produce the best quality work and get your point across in the specified length you are given…

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