Anyone go to Collin County Community College?

Anyone go to Collin County Community College?
Okay, i filled out a scholarship application for this college and I spent two hours trying to make it 1500 words exactly because it wasn’t taking anymore or any less and come to find out when I my essay finally was 1500 words EXACTLY it would let me send it i am so frustrated and angry, if anyone has ever went to this school and filled out the application and it sent, can you please tell what you did and how. Thanks.

I need a mango smoothie.

I grew up in Collin County, but CCCC did not exist when I went to college. My high school English teacher did teach there 20 or so years ago after she retired from teaching at the lower levels for 40+ years. She would have told you not to focus so hard on the words and try to understand the intent of the person asking the questions. There were no computers at my high school and no college applications I could have filled out on line back then. I did, however, write many 1500 word essays for her explaining the authors meaning in books like Jonathon Livingston Seagull and The Red Badge of Courage.
Have a glass of chocolate milk and try again after you have spent some time contemplating not the number of words but what your essay was supposed to be about.