Anyone know how to write an essay?

Anyone know how to write an essay?
I’m helping my son write an argumentative essay I don’t remember any of this from my time in school any advice

well an essay consists of an introduction (1 paragraph) , body paragraph (2-4 paragraphs depending on how many topics you have) , and a conclusion (1 paragraph)

so an essay might have 4-6 paragraphs. I remember doing argumenative essays years ago, like in 7th grade and i think its the easiest type of essay. the first sentence of the body paragraph should have a topic sentence (A sentence that expresses the main idea of the paragraph in which it occurs)

a tip is to brainstorm and make an outline(it will really help you) , write down all the topics.
for example, imagine the argumentative essay is about letting students wear uniforms:
-wont be able to tell which kid is poor or rich with the clothes they were

-uniforms might be expensive
-student wont be able to express themselves

here are some websites that might help you-