Anyone read the book The World is Flat?

Anyone read the book The World is Flat?
If you have what is the most important part of the book? More specifically which chapter is most important?

I listened to it on tape. I don’t remember which chapter was better, but I do know that if you read a few chapters, you get the general idea about outsourcing and technology, etc.

I enjoyed listening to it, but it did tend to get repetitive. I don’t know if you have to do a summary of the book, or an essay, or if you are just interested. If you are just interested, I do remember really liking the part about the stay at home moms in the U.S. who have been doing phone call jobs booking flights that normally is outsourced to other countries. So whatever chapter that was in, I thought that whole section was really interesting.

Anyways, I hope this helped a little bit. Good luck and happy reading! =]