Anyone went to Northwestern, Cornell U, or Emory?

Anyone went to Northwestern, Cornell U, or Emory?
I’m applying to these school in the fall…but each of them asks “why Cornell” or “why NU” as the supplement essay question. Could anyone give me some ideas on how to write these? All I got is…they have high ranked, highly regarded economics/business programs. Of course, they are not going to like that.

Yeah, that’s boring–they’ve heard that from everyone.
You could include it, though…
You need to show that you know the school. I would suggest doing some research on the profs in the econ/business programs, and talking about how much you admire one (or two) of them, because of their work with X X and X (just google them or look up their profile on the websites.)
Say you love the feel of the campus–you just feel like it is ‘right’ when you step on the campus (if you haven’t visited, you could still try to swing this…) Talk about the traditions of the school–they love that…every school has different traditions they do, usually around orientation or graduation, so talk about those, and how you love this sense of connecting to the past, this tradition, the way it helps connect you to your present and past peers…
Just some suggestions!