AP ENGLISH LANG questions!?

AP ENGLISH LANG questions!?
I’ve taken the test on the collegeboard website, as well as a couple other practice tests. On the MC section, I average about 5-7 wrong. I have NO idea how the grading works, but is that decent? Can I still get at least a 4 with getting than many wrong?

Also, I’m taking this exam without any classroom prep (its not offered in my school), so how should I prep for the essay prompts? What ARE the 3 essay types anyways? Thanks for clearing these questions up! :).

Well I HAVE taken the class at my high school, and, honestly, I probably could have gotten a 5 on this exam without it. There are only a couple of relevant pieces of information you have to know for the essays; the multiple choice is fairly easy–just like any critical reading section on a standardized test.

If you are missing 5-7 multiple choice questions, that equates to a high 4, and can easily become a 5 if you write good essays.

The main thing about the essays is, 1. How well you write in general (your control of grammar, spelling, phrases, mastery of the language) and 2. Knowing how to read the prompt carefully and construct a lame-brained, 3.5 essay that addresses all of its parts. This is fairly monotonous.

The 3 essay types are:
1. Synthesis Essay (similar to Document-Based-Questions on other AP exams).
2. Style Analysis Essay (you’ll be given some sort of passage and be asked to analyze rhetorical devices/strategies that the author uses either to reveal their purpose or establish their argument or something of a similar nature)
3. Defend, Challenge, or Qualify (aka the Freebie. Sometimes you don’t even have to really defend, challenge, or qualify. This prompt essentially presents a topic, or a small quotation, that gets thought flowing and makes it really easy to write a whole essay)

The best way to study at this point (with the exam being tomorrow) is to check out this site:
and read all of the essay prompts from previous years. They also have sample responses. This will give you a pretty good idea of what you’re expected to do.