AP Euro scientific revolution essay organization/structure advice?

AP Euro scientific revolution essay organization/structure advice?
On Monday, I have to write two essays for AP Euro in one class period! The lucky part is, my teacher told us the essay questions!!! Could anyone please describe how would you respond to the following FRQ’s:

1. Assess the impact of the scientific revolution on religion and philosophy in the period of 1550-1750

I had two ideas; either write an intro. and then one paragraph about how religion was effected and one paragraph about how philosophy was effected, with individual scientists described followed by a conclusion, OR write an intro followed by a paragraph about each of the scientists of 1550-1750 and how they effected religion as well as how they effected philosophy. What if i wrote and intro paragraph, and then a kind of sub-intro paragraph about how religion was effected, followed by a few more paragraphs about the scientists who effected it the most, and then another sub intro about philosophy, and then the scientists again? My teacher told us that it’s bad to include people before and after the time period given, but could i include Copernicus before, because the heliocentric model effected religion greatly?

The 2nd prompt is:
2. Analyze how Galileo, Descartes, and Newton altered traditional interpretations of nature and challenged traditional sources of knowledge.

How would you construct a response to that?

Thank you everyone for your help!!!

First of all, I just want to state how refreshing it is to read a homework help question, and not have someone say that they have an essay, and that they want someone to tell them what to write, instead of having done the research themselves. Considering that you are in an AP Euro class, my guess is that you are a junior/senior in high school? I find it commendable that not only are you not asking for the answer of the essay, but that you are taking the time now to plan out the essay, unlike others who might skive off and not prepare for the exam. That said, perhaps I will be able to help. You should be proud of yourself. 🙂
For the first question- The most important thing to think about is the question itself. The question is not asking you about individual philosophers or scientists, rather it is asking about the impact that these discoveries made on society. Your instructor will not want to read a biography of every scientist or philosopher from the Scientific Revolution. It is not relevant and it will not contribute to the answer that you are looking for. Especially, since you have a time limit you will want to focus on the main issue. I think that your best bet would be to choose discoveries by scientists that had the most impact and explained how it reflected religion, or philosophy or both. I wouldn’t give the scientist’s life story, focus on the discoveries themselves. If you have 3 different discoveries, you should be able to get at least 5-6 paragaphs out- intro w/thesis statement, 2-3 discoveries each with their own paragraph, and then a conclusion. If you did separate paragraphs of things only pertaining to religion, or only pertaining to philosophy it would probably be more difficult, seeing as religion and philosophy share common values.

2nd Answer: In this case, I would just talk about each scientist separately, talk about their discoveries, maybe subparagraphs regarding the discoveries and how they changed how people viewed things back then, and throw in a conclusion.
Good luck!