AP World History Comparative Essay?

AP World History Comparative Essay?
Okay I have to write my first AP essay friday. The rubric says that you have to address both similarities and differences, but is that a similarity and a difference for EACH paragraph/topic or is it just a similarity OR a difference. For example: Say you are comparing India and Egypt (political, social, economics)

Would you only need either a similarity or a difference when talking about politics or would you need both? Do you do like a similarity for economics and social and then a difference for political?? I know that you have to have historical support and analyze it, but i’m still confused… I HAVE TO MAKE A GOOD GRADE!!! HELP:)

for me, I find writing essays in other classes besides english is better and easier, because they are not english teachers and looking for all those english elements throughout your paper. But still, you want to do you best to write it. I suggest making a format and prompt on how you plan to write it. Anyways, I am a senior and taking 3 AP classes(4 including 1 independent study) right now and I have never tokk AP World History. First, I think she met just talking about them all throughout your paper. I suggest you tell her just to clarify.

I would do it like this:

First paragraph-Thesis, and say how many other nations have similarities and then say how unique the similarities between these countries are that no country may have, also include how yet they are still very different.
Body paragraphs- You do not have to have three bodies, but for the bodies, I would suggest making one body talking about the similarities and one talking about the differences.
Conclusion- I would sum up all your thoughts on the significance of these similarities and differences and make sure to restate you thesis as well.

Again, make sure you tell you teacher how you should do it just in case, if it works, you could use this format I wrote to help you.
By the way, I am bad at writing essays but I am improving. Especially in English, I can not write the best ones in that class but write the best ones out of it. I just drop AP English Lit because of how you have to start the week with to analyze a story and write an essay plus a summer reading test.