Application Essay for College Help please? ASAP?

Application Essay for College Help please? ASAP?
For my Advanced Composition class for 12th grade English I have to write an application essay for college. Its NOT the real thing. I have to write about my skills and some things that are important to me. I need some samples of what you would put. I am NOT going to use your answers. I just need some help on seeing what they should look like. Please help? Thanks in advance.

Talk about your general attitude toward going to a particular school & why you want to attend there. Talk about your ambitions and goals (i.e. I plan to obtain _____ degree and enter the _____ field as a _____.). Talk about your academic achievements, such as your GPA, class standing, Honor’s Society, awards, etc. Talk about your extra-curricular activities and why they played an important role in your life (team sports teach how important it is a cooperate with your teammates and to take defeat as well as victory). Conclude with summarizing how you and this college are a good fit.

Good luck!