Are the SAT’s hard, for a student in England who is doing his A levels.?

Are the SAT’s hard, for a student in England who is doing his A levels.?
I am in Year 12 and doing my AS levels, and planning to move to america for further education. I have heard i will have to take the SAT, how easy are they and what would be a good score.
Plus what would i do with the results, i.e. would they allow me to my bachelors, as i want to do a dental course at university which i would require a bachelors for.
Plz help cuz i don’t know anything evdiently, lol

The SATs are constructed in a way so that they test your logic and reasoning, not knowledge. The best way to prepare is trying a review book, almost all the questions repeat so if you practice it’ll be much easier on you the day of the test.

A good score depends on the school you plan on attending. A “good” school would probably be looking for 1800+. The Ivy League schools generally look for a score well into the 2000. (It’s scored out of 2400, by the way.) However, keep in mind these are not cut off, you can still can into many schools with scores lower than they are lookign for as long as you make up for it some other way (ie. gpa, activities, essay).

The SAT is used as a basis for college acceptance. It makes sure that students are being accurately compared since not every school is the same, for example a 4.0 gpa in one school might not be as easily achieved in another.

The score won’t help you get into a higher level course/degree/class.

Good luck on the test. Sorry I wrote so much!