Are Video Games even any good?

Are Video Games even any good?
positives of them? im being forced to write a essay on video games being a great thing for children and there not….

Wrong. Video Games have many positives.

1. Video Games can incorporate educational concepts and help teach children math, problem solving skills, random facts. ect.

2. Video Games can be simulations of real life experiences. If you know nothing about cars or racing, simply playing a racing game and learning vocabulary and basics of the sport / culture can expand a child’s knowledge. My friend who is a very skilled driver, which came with practice, swears his driving knowledge comes from him understanding how cars worked and the physics behind it playing a racing game for countless hours as a kid and developing his interest.

3. Entertainment – If entertainment wasn’t a positive thing where would this world be? It has to be a positive.

4. Networking – Now days games are more often played online, games such as mmorpg’s or just xbox live with a few others, can help develop social skills of children and adults alike. Learning how to lose to people and hold your composure promotes healthy sportsmanship.

Although my points are not all certain and ensured, the simple possibility of these things makes video games a positive.

Hope I helped and changed your mind on this tough topic to write about. Do some more research and include some facts and numbers to support my ideas and i’d say you’re golden.