Are We Controlled By The Media ?

Are We Controlled By The Media ?
Are We Controlled By The Media ?
I Need help with a 200 word essay for friday about this question above.
also i have to include: Compare the truman show and Big Brother
if enyone has eny ideas 2 help me out i wuld be so greatfull 🙂 x

Main Stream Media is pretty much Corporate or Government owned. Those with the $ call the news we hear and *how* we hear it. Each branch of the MSM has it’s own opinions and each imposes it’s own unique “spin” on each and every issue they present to us. Each branch directs our attention this way or that.

We see stories and articles that tug at our heart about some poor soul or some abducted child, which we can do nothing about … when there are other more pressing issues (pun intended) that we *should be focused on.* – and let those taking care of those stories that tug at our heart take care of the situation without offering 15 minutes of fame to particular authorities and, months of worry by viewers.

We are *conditioned* to believe we NEED things that we don’t really need and products that help destroy the environment. Why? So someone can make money and we can THINK we’ve got the best thing since sliced bread. The fact that people are gullible, is what motivates Advertisers and Marketing groups.

Politics is also presented to us in a shadow light. We are told the “facts” but not the whole truth. If we were to actually know the truth, WeThePeople would surely change the present list of facts. Example: We hate Somali Pirates … but hear nothing about the ships that dump trash along the Somali Coast and the people cannot use the beaches or fish the waters for food. Gee, ya think that’s why those Pirates are detaining ships?

Are we controlled by Media? Well, when they say, “We report you decide” – That tell me that THEY don’t really know the truth. After all, there is only ONE Truth. Chances are, the truth is being buried under the options given.

We are only controlled by what we, ourselves choose to be controlled by. Like the “Happy Talk” about getting out of this recession soon. Truth is, we are in a Deep Depression. So, how can we come out of a recession when that’s not what this is?

“Happy Talk” keeps people calm and reduces the chances of a revolution … just like Fluoride keeps people from questioning authority. (See Biological Effects of Fluoride) then ask yourself why the hell you drink it or brush your teeth with it.

Look around. Don’t take anyone Else’s word for things, specially if you have a *gut feeling* about it. Consider what is truly important in life and then see how much coverage is *not* given to such issues. We’re not Sheep, we are human beings. Each person has a brain but refuses to think for themselves … allowing the MSM do that for them.

Good luck with your report.