asb (leadrship) essay help?

asb (leadrship) essay help?
this is what i have to write in my essay : ”A written or typed essay that explains why you would like to serve in the Leadership Class. Include any experience that you bring to the program and/or goals
that you hope to accomplish.” im not asking for u to write it but some phrases that make it sound good(:

A.S.B. Leadership Essay

A.S.B. was an amazing class for me last year and I hope to be in it again.I would represent my grade in a positive way.   It would be fun helping get everyone involved in school activities.I would love to help with the school dances and assemblies because I am a very creative person and think students should feel like school is there home away from home.Getting them involved and picking them for activities would give them a much better outlook and a good attitude towards school.Leading in a great way I will do the tasks and get the work done, while being an example to others.I have a natural ability to improvise and adapt to every situation.I loved it last year and am hoping to be apart of A.S.B. again.
(this is my essay I did. Just paraphrase and you should be good)