become the next Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Michael Bloomberg.

become the next Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Michael Bloomberg.
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Because we don’t give out our mailing list to spammers.
Because we don’t send you unsolicited email.
Because we only respond to your email if you request an
informa- tion about free bio writing services.
Because we only give out services based on your information
providing our free website.
Because we don’t publish or share your personal information
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Because we promise that we don’t try to sell services
(which is our right under EU law and the Terms of Service
that we agree to here on our website).
Because we promise that we won’t give away your personal
information or sell it to anyone (also our right under
EU law and the Terms of Service).
Because the majority of our free services are offered
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Because we are not a spammer: We don’t use or sell
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Why we do this
We make sure this is absolutely clear that we are a free
website and your email address will never be shared or sold
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a government and not a law enforcement agency. We’ve done
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This is a simple privacy statement. We’ll never send you
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What the law says
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
is a type of European Union data protection law that came
into force in May 2018. The GDPR introduces a series of major
changes and updates that were designed to improve our consumer
In general, GDPR is very clear on the rights of data
holders and allows them to better manage their data, as
well as give the data we share a higher degree of privacy
protections, such as not sharing certain types of personal
information (like Social Security numbers or credit
card numbers) across the network.
Here are some details from the GDPR:
To find out more about our privacy policy, we suggest you read the
GDPR Privacy Policy: http://www.councilofhuman
The GDPR Privacy Policy: http://www.councilofhuman.or…
What to do if you have questions
Our privacy statement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy help
you understand what this website is and what it does for you.
If you still need help on anything, you can contact us via the
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