Beginning of an Essay. PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

Beginning of an Essay. PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
I have to write a 300-500 word essay why i would like to join a specific university. I have all that covered, but i can’t think of a starting paragraph. I want it to sound professional and formal. Could anyone help????

your screwed. HA HA.

just kidding. Look bro, this is what i do. i actually write my essay, and then leave the introduction for last. Take each topic sentence from your paragrapghs and merge it into your introduction../starting paragrapgh.. just re word it..

and you got your self a decent starting paragraph..

it works man trust me..

i got a 93 in freshmen composition .. i go to a community college– i am a freshmen..

and i got a 520/800 on writing.. im not that smart but yea..