Best way to start a persuasive essay?

Best way to start a persuasive essay?
Best way to start a persuasive essay about gay marriage The essay is pro gay marriage

Make a list of all the arguments AGAINST gay marriage and think about how you would refute each of them. This is your planning stage.

Once you have that list of anti arguments and the things you plan to say to counter them, start constructing paragraphs that go like this,

“Many people think that………[anti-gay marriage argument here]…….”

“The church’s position on gay marriage has historically been……[anit-gay marriage argument here]…..”

“Some very vocal minorities claim that…….[extreme fascist anti-gay argument here]…..”

And so on and so on unitl you have a number of arguments AGAINST gay marriage described in one or two sentences each.

Then go back to the first one and add your reasons for why you disagree with that anit-gay marriage argument.

So for example,

“Many people think that if gay people are allowed to get married they will de-stabilise society. [*That’s a short statement of a position some people hold.] However, many of these people are unable to explain precisely HOW this destabilisation would happen. Gay people live together in loving, stable, long-term relationships without being married and none of them has ever been accused of de-stabilising our society because they share a home. Gay people (just like straight people) are more likely to be a destabilising influence on society if they go out every evening getting drunk and disturbing the peace by disorderly, violent and destructive behaviour than if they are at home with their husband or wife enjoying a stable life.”

When you have a collection of paragraphs giving an anti- proposition and a pro- justification like that, then go back and write your introduction and conclusion based on what you have written in the essay.

When it comes to essays, remember this formula:

Introduction = this is where you tell the reader what you are going to say.

Main Body = this is where you actually say what you want to say.

Conclusion = this is where you tell the reader what you have just said.

I have a few degrees – some in English – and this formula has worked for me every time.

Good luck.