Best way to write a perfect college essay?

Best way to write a perfect college essay?
I need to write the best application essay for my undergrad.
Any suggestions???
Any directory of professional essay writers?

– Start early. Follow the directions (if they say 500 words, don’t give them 800).

– Personalize your essays to each college–why do you want to go to THAT college? Being a top school is not enough! Weave in information from the website and other sources so the college knows that you know their school well.

— Outline, write, edit, check against the requirements, rewrite, and do this many times. Check your grammar and spelling three times at the end. The best way to get a great essay for most people.

— Organize your nformation–how do the activities in which you’ve been involved contribute to your ability to contribute to the school to which you are applying?