better grades?

better grades?
how can i get better grades? what makes you concentrate more on school work, and helps to score better on testing? like i will understand everything that the test is on, but when i take a test, my mind seems to go blank, and i dont recall any of it, no matter how much i study.

So the sites below have very good summaries of pre-test study strategies and how to relieve test anxiety, which it sounds like you’ve got a touch of. But it basically all boils down to:
1) Study smart, not long. – If its an essay test, write yourself some essay questions and answer them. Try to help other people study by explaining concepts to them. Hours of staring at a paper is about the worst thing you can do!
2) Sleep – Really! Contrary to popular belief, all-nighters are like the kiss of death. Try 2 hours of study and 8 hours of sleep, not the reverse!
3) Take a deep breath – Literally. Before you start the test, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths (breathing out helps too). Just like smiling, even if you force yourself, releases chemicals that make you happier, breathing slowly and deeply for at least 30 seconds will slow your heart rate and help clear your mind.

And my favorite bonus tip (this works better in college, but you can try it in HS too): study in the room where you will take the test. Studies have shown that this can trigger some spacial and situational memory hooks (you’re sitting there studying and think of “mitosis”, then look up at a poster on the wall. When you’re taking the test, you look up at the same poster…and the thought “mitosis” is more likely to drift back into your mind. Simple, but it works!)

Good luck!