Biological anthropology essay – where to start :'( ?

Biological anthropology essay – where to start :'( ?
i absolutely hate writing essays, i havent written one in 3 years (my major is statistics ) , but im taking an anthro paper and i have to write an essay on: What is biological anthropology? Discuss the major theoretical approaches (macro evolution, micro evolution, comparative approach, biocultural approach) used by biological anthropologists using specific examples from published sources. It has to be 1500 words and its due on wednesday.. I haven’t started. Do you have any ideas for basic points I could argue in the essay?I’m not asking for anyone to write this essay for me, but ideas would be so appreciated, thank you so much 😀

I’d tell you to read a Biological Anthropology textbook, but you obviously won’t have time before Wed. An alternative would to visit your library and find one. Most Biological Anthropology texts start with a chapter that is called “What is Biological Anthropology” or something like that (also be aware that what is now called Biological Anthropology was most commonly called Physical Anthropology until just a few years ago). That chapter is usually pretty short (the one in the text I have used is only 11 pages). That should get you going at an introductory level. Also, while you are reading it, think about how statistical concepts apply to the things you are reading about. I always give a very high grade to a factual essay that comes at the topic from a unique perspective. That shows the professor that you can do more than just regurgitate facts back at them but that you are capable of synthesizing the information in a unique way.