Do You Need Homework In College And How Is It Different From School?

Homework in school is significantly inferior to the difficulty of homework in college. Unlike the first level of education, the second includes a much larger range of professional activities. School and college differ from each other in all possible criteria: the organization of educational activities and personal life, the distribution of time, approaches to education, […]

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The Features And Importance Of Writing Skill

During life, we write some compositions that assess our capability. Independently on kind of essay, the knowledge about writing a good introduction, understanding the paragraph structure, the correct formulation of thesis – it all is the basic skills that guarantee well-done paper.  The main rules for writing all kinds of essay:  There are some common […]

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Composite sentences

Composite sentences are poly predicative syntactic constructions, formed by two or more predicative lines, each with a subject and a predicate of its own. Each predicative unit in a composite sentence forms a clause. A clause as a part of a composite sentence corresponds to a separate sentence. There are two principal types of composite […]

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The conjunction is a part of speech which denotes connections between objects and phenomena. It connects parts of the sentence, clauses, and sentences [3; 254]. Sadie brought them in and went back to the door (Mansfield). … the blinds were down in the dining-room and the lights turned on – and all the lights were […]

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There are some kinds of repetition: lexical and syntactic. Lexical repetition is divided into: anaphora (the repetition of the same elements at the beginning of several sentences): Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot And days of auld langsyne? (Burns) epiphora (the repetition of the same elements […]

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Sentence structure

There are many definitions of the sentence and these definitions differ from each other because the scientists approach from different viewpoints to this question [12; 44]. “The sentence is the immediate integral unit of speech built up of words according to a definite syntactic pattern and distinguished by a contextually relevant communicative purpose”. A sentence […]

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