Argumentative Essay Samples

Do You Need to Learn Computer Programming?

The answer to the question, ‘Do I need to learn programming?’ is: It depends. It depends on what exactly you mean by programming. You need to know a little bit of web programming like HTML and JavaScript so that you do not need to depend on someone else for additions and editing your work (if […]

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Using the Internet for Research

A good library is indispensable. The internet is rapidly becoming equally so for the academic researcher. However, there are a number of factors to look out for when doing a search and using information from the web. Here is some good advice to follow to find authoritative and valid information. Everyone can go online, create […]

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The benefits of a tutor

If you’re attending college online, chances are that there is a section of the student web site that offers tutoring. Take advantage of this service! It’s usually included in your tuition, so there’s absolutely no reason not to use it. Most of us have trouble in one class or another, the problems for many people […]

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The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Make any Difference and Miracles

Dr. Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief” says that “each content structure inside the universe, which include you and me, radiates a special electricity signature”. He has proposed techniques for healing and has created the complicated matter of organic organisms a lot much easier. Epigenetics could be the review of heritable modifications in gene […]

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The Pros and Cons of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is probably the best known information resource on the internet. It is a modern day encyclopedia that seems to have a little information about everything you may need to know, and it is completely free to use. In spite of all this though, there are some downsides to using Wikipedia that you need to […]

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Learn to Touch Type Before your Degree Starts

Every degree requires a substantial amount of written work to be completed. If you are aiming for a fist class degree, you will need to work even harder, spending more time editing and polishing your degree assignments. You will work much faster on your degree assignments if you are able to touch type. Touch typing […]

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