Language Skills

How Does the Temperament Influence the Study of English?

One of the urgent problems of modern pedagogy is the study of the motivational means of influencing the human psyche with the aim of forming certain skills and skills in the conditions of a modified picture of the world. In our opinion, the operative implementation of pedagogical projects and the solution of methodological problems are […]

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MLA Style: General Guidelines

Over the last couple of days, we have been looking at how to cite properly within the formatting guidelines of MLA—or Modern Language Association—style. Just to remind you, MLA is the style you will be asked to use when writing papers for classes that can be classified as humanities (i.e. history, English, religious studies). Today, […]

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APA Style: General Guidelines

We have spent the last couple of days talking about some of the intricacies of APA style citations. APA — or American Psychological Association — style is the format you will most likely be asked to use when writing papers for classes that fall under the categories of science or social science. So far, we […]

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Tips for Taking Foreign Language Classes Online

Foreign language courses don’t come easy to everyone, especially those who have to take them online. Chances are that you’ll have to take a language course at some time during your online degree program, so you might as well learn what it takes to pass it like a pro. I’ve taken several language courses online […]

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Writing Skills

Writing skills are undermined in society, being that we are tucking away our pens and our pencils for the computers and mobile gadgets that we have available to us. Students tend to forget about writing skills because they seem unnecessary with all the conveniences in recording information and data. There are shortcuts that we use […]

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