Adjectives for Face Description

Aids for Facial Expression Adjectives Teaching

Teaching aids are important because they create a visual and interactive experience for the students. As the students become more engaged, they are more likely to understand the topic being taught. Teaching aids assist students in learning. These aids consist of video, audio and hands-on tools to help involve the students and enhance the learning […]

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The Usage of Adjectives in Face Description

Adjectives Used for Face & Appearance Description Face, Mouth, Lips, and Nose To describe the shape of the face we can use the following adjectives: long, round, square, triangular, oval, with regular features, irregular, thin, lean, bony, with hollow cheeks, with a scar, with moles, with smooth skin, lined, ruddy, with freckles, chiseled, wide, thin, […]

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Subclasses of Adjectives

Relative Adjectives Relative adjectives express such properties of a substance as are determined by the direct relation of the substance to some other substance. E.g.: wood — a wooden hut; mathematics — mathematical precision; history — a historical event; table — tabular presentation; colour — coloured postcards; surgery — surgical treatment; the Middle Ages — […]

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The Understanding Of Adjective

INTRODUCTION The whole of the English vocabulary is subdivided into eleven parts of speech. Notional or fully-lexical parts of speech are: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, numerals, modal words and interjections. Prepositions, conjunctions and particles are parts of speech largely devoid of lexical meaning and used to indicate various functional relationships among the notional words […]

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